Thursday, May 12, 2005

"Clo's flower", Super Sculpey (Polymer Clay) sculpture painted with acrylics, Sept 2003


Anonymous Anonymous said...

je ne peux qu'encourager!!!!!

7:55 pm  
Blogger Ro said...

Ok, I have to comment on this one too! I am going to be taking my first ceramics class in a couple of months and I'm not looking forward to it. However, seeing this little beauty gives me hope. Your little flower is simple yet fun and quite simply a joy to look at.

11:07 pm  
Blogger eRic said...

Thanx again. If you're interested or new to it, Super Sculpey is a pretty amazing product (US made I think). You can get as much detail on it as regular soft plasticine/modelling clay but get the ceramic strengh once baked. Buy some and mess around with it, it's quite exceptional stuff, and a lot of fun too...


10:01 pm  

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