Friday, May 13, 2005

"Slit" (oils on canvas, 60x75cm). Apr-May 2005


Blogger eRic said...

This painting, along with the previous untitled one, was started around 2001 at a time where I had no room to work and they both remained unfinished until now (only pencil and first layer of red was done on this one).
There is a lot to this picture I really like, mainly because of what it meant to me at the time and because I got to finish it now, when I have made the "cut" with the situation and the people who surrounded me then. Some sort of funny subconscious life metaphor/sign…
Anyway, despite looking really grim I think it's very positive, but that's just me!
It was really difficult to take a decent photo of it and because the red & carmine are so lush and glossy, there's a lot of reflection from the flash. So the lens has eaten up most of the details and it looks like the edges are black, but no: the red-to-crimson/carmine is very deep but not black, and the bottom is a dark raw umber. Just had to be said.
I'll do my best to get a better shot if I can.

xx eRic

10:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice work, really like the dark sombre tones to your art.


10:25 am  
Anonymous Manuel Morgado said...

wow, i really like your work.
Iam an illustrator from Portugal,come and see some of my work in editorial ilustration e portuguese press in my blog portfolio.


5:27 pm  

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